Happiness has different meanings to all . For some it would be retail therapy , promotions and bonuses to other or they can simply find it in planting a sapling .

For me happiness is when I get to spend my me times (like sharing this with you). I am happy when I can ignore my cervical pain and sit on my desk and play with my tools to create something exciting . Something which I reflect in.Happiness is when people know me not by my name but by what I do .

I enter into this new year 2016 with a quest to find 3 little things which make me happy each day write it in my personal diary, with a hope that it will make me happier each passing day .For I know for sure that “I am responsible for my own happiness.”

What’s your quotient for happiness ?Hope you find out yours super soon !!

cheers ,

Nidhi Kedia


Retro gets a new look 

Have you (or one of your customers) inherited a piece of jewelry that’s not very wearable?
This project gave me the idea for helping people turn their inherited jewelry into something new and more wearable -with  a story woven into it.
I was given an old broach which belonged to my grand ma a simple multicolour stone studded circle, but unfortunately the pin gave off while wearing and I wondered how to still put it in use . Then I decided to make it a focal point in my necklace and give it a quirky look by adding white carved beads and hand forged handmade chains on the other . 

On other occasions when I had only one earring of a pair , I have converted them  into head gears, mangtikas and key rings  and also adorned them into juda sticks ( again worn in the hair) . 

What say people ..


The third eye 

Have you ever wished if you could get a third eye check of your jewellery before selling them or even taking pictures to post on website and social media ? 

Well I have a simple answer to this , always take a rough picture of your jewellery ( even a phone click would do ) and check for symmetry , coordination and flaws . Like this we get a third eye view of our creations and most of the times are able to fix wire ends and make sure that the jewellery is fully fastened . 


Why to buy handmade jewellery?

Buying handmade can become a total lifestyle choice. Choosing to buy handmade is just like choosing to buy local produce. You simply cannot compare mass produced products to artisan created goods in terms of inspiration, quality, and attention to detail.
Here are 8 good reasons for  you  to  invest in them :
1. The raw materials are better, the workmanship is superior, and the finished product is truly something to be treasured and enjoyed.
2.There is also an undeniable, irreplaceable element of the designer or producer in every handcrafted item – a spirit and soul that stamps each item in a way that mainstream production cannot replicate.
3.Many artisans welcome the opportunity to use their creativity and skill to create items that are custom, one of a kind, and uniquely personalized.
4.Buying handmade is also a tremendous boost to small business and to the economy as a whole.
5. Handmade jewelry makes a fantastic gift for any any occasion. By choosing something handmade the recipient  will know you spent the time to choose a meaningful present, and will think of you often while wearing the piece.

6. Great design and craftsmanship never goes out of style!

7. Handmade beaded jewelry is affordable. It’s amazing how inexpensive quality handmade jewelry can be. Because handmade beaded jewelry isn’t attached to a big designer name, it’s less expensive.

8. It gives pride to sit with the designer and get a piece designed only for yourself.

Your handmade jewelry will become a conversation piece. Whenever you wear handcrafted jewelry, people ask about it, and you get to share the artisan’s story and it feels good to promote these talented jewelers.



Christmas Party Dress picks

First of all, hello everyone! Hope you’re having fabulous December, enjoying chai lattes, hot chocolates, Christmas markets, cosy jumpers and ridiculously cold mornings! I’m Dash, (if-I-have spare-time-on-my-hands) blogger from Leeds, you can find me over at Mode Lily, and if you fancy read my rumble about fashion, beauty (every now and then) and my (wanna-be-interesting)…


When to push the red button ??


Stepping out ?
clothes check , shoes check , hair check , make up check and accessories ?? simple , bling or overdone ??

How many of us ask our family , friends and spouse “How am I looking ?” before stepping out of house ? and keep checking ourselves in the mirror?? EACH ONE OF US undoubtedly !! BUT WHY?? are we not confident with our looks? Are we dressed to simple ? or have we added too much bling ?
Today I want to share some simple rules or mantras for dressing up right with the right amount of accessorization.

When is too much too much? Well that really depends on two things:
1.Your personality (whether you can conservative or bindaas and whether you want to be different )
2.The occasion (time of the day very important)

So the question relates to:
◾Who are you? (age to be considered here)
◾How do you want to be perceived?(what’s your mood like is important here)
◾What’s your personality style? (chic or simple)
◾What’s your signature style?(common style across dresses)

And then:
◾What is the occasion?
◾Dressy, casual, formal, sporting etc.?
◾What’s the level of refinement of the bling, makeup or clothing?
◾Does it relate to the level of refinement of the occasion and what you’re wearing?

Answering some of these questions will help you figure out if it’s enough or too much! A full face of makeup and a pearl necklace at the gym are just too much! But they work when you’re going out to lunch or dinner .
The only time I feel it looks “overdone” is when it becomes a “costume” on you! Now for some women that’s an easy line to cross as their natural personality style is more conservative. For others with a dramatic or creative flair, it takes a lot to get to the ‘costume’ stage.

lastly,whatever you wear, wear it in style and if you think it suits you carry on.

happy dressing ladies . Rock on !!

Pic Courtesy : http://www.insideoutsideblog.com

How to know your face shape and flatter earrings accordingly.

face shape 2face shape

Most people come to me and ask what earrings would suit them , but the question is do they know their face shape ?? Generally no , here are a few tips on how we can know our face shape.
First draw a few shapes like a Oval , Diamond, Triangle, Square and Heart with a black thick marker on a few OHP sheets (one image one sheet).Sit in front of the mirror ant put one sheet at a time in front of your face and check what’s fitting in and what’s out in the mirror . Alternatively you can also take a photo of yourself and draw various shaped on it to determine your face shape.

Your face is Oval if it has a rounded hairline and rounded jaw line , but if your cheekbones fall outside the oval curve then your face shape is Round .Similarly if you have a pointed chin and long forehead you face shape would be Diamond , whereas people with an angular jawline and forehead will have a Square face. Some people have pointed foreheads and a broader jaw line then their face is Triangle shaped and those who have a rounded forehead but pointed chin are Heart shaped. If your face is long then you have an oblong or Rectangular shape depending on the angles of your jawline.

Now that you know your face shape , deciding on the type of earring which suits you becomes fairly simple.

Oblong/Rectangle/Oval : go for small studs or broader drops which do not make your face look long but round .
Can also try hoops. Earrings with width are suited

Square/Triangle/Round/: go for narrow, delicate long earrings , these will make your face look longer.
Avoid studs and button earrings.

Diamond/Heart: go for long broad earrings preferably broader in width at the base.
makes you look fuller.

I hope this helps you to know yourself better.

Choose right , wear right .
Nidhi Kedia

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When you should avoid wearing a necklace.

no necklace

Some necklines are made for necklaces, some are made for earrings only. When a neckline has some sort of embellishment like these, then there is no need to add more. These necklines are ideal for women who:
1.Have wide or short necks who don’t want to add necklaces
2.Find wearing necklaces annoying or irritating
3.Don’t like accessorizing (or are unsure of how to do it) as they have built in accessories.

And, if you don’t fall in the list above please buy clothes with minimum or no embellishments.
Also look for solid colours and simpler necklines which will let you flatter those statements lying in your wardrobe.

For any query please do write to me in the comments below .

Accessorise, but keep it simple !
Nidhi Kedia

Pic courtesy : http://www.insideoutstyle.blog

How to choose earrings for face shape : diamond


A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and jaw, with the widest part of the face at the cheekbones. You will want to balance your jaw with your earrings, and follow the shape of your face.

Avoid wide or button earrings these will make your face look broader,instead go for mainly longer dangly earrings,this will divert the attention from our cheekbones to your neck. Alternatively you can also try going for small studs.

Choose right , stay bright .
Nidhi Kedia

How to choose the correct background ??

Just like food is first a feast to the eyes and then to the stomach , similarly a piece of jewellery first makes its impression in the eyes of the viewer / prospective buyer . A good click is sure to attract more views and hence more buyers . Only if it appeals to the eyes will anybody inquire more about the piece of jewellery . It’s properties , materials , cost , wearability all stand secondary to its visual appeal .

The background should compliment the jewellery in colour , style and texture .Your background should add visual interest to the photograph without distracting from the jewelry’s best qualities.

Props should only be used if it contributes in taking a better shot and compliments to its story . but too many props confuse the buyer .

Also take picture of the same jewellery in different backgrounds and in different angles to aid the buyers decision . One picture should capture the full jewellery including the clasp .

Do read this related article give I found very useful and informative .